Mathieu (matael) Gaborit

I'm a researcher at the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory (MWL), part of the Royal Institute of technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm working on porelastic media and numerical strategies for wave propagation problems.

I defend my PhD thesis in December 2019 on the modelling of thin and imperfect interfaces. The thesis was a joint program between France and Sweden, directed by Pr. Olivier Dazel from the LAUM UMR CNRS 6613 (LMU, Le Mans, France) and Pr. Peter Göransson from MWL (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden).

In the frame of physics, porous materials modelling, numerical methods and vibroacoustics drag a great part of my attention. Apart from physics, I'm also interested in computer sciences in general and social sciences (politics, sociology, etc.) and interdisciplinary approaches.

I'm an insatiable curious and a passionate tinkerer : it motivated me to initiate HAUM, a hackerspace in Le Mans.