Mathieu (matael) Gaborit

I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the ECO2 Centre for Economical and Ecological Vehicle Design and the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory (MWL), parts of the Royal Institute of technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I am currently working on the design of architectured media with controlled anisotropy based on packings of Kelvin cells. The expected outcome is to achieve remarkable mechanical properties on one hand and control the propagation of elastic waves on the other.

Furing my PhD (defended in December 2019), I worked on the modelling of thin and imperfect interfaces for poroelastic media. The thesis was a joint program between France and Sweden, directed by Pr. Olivier Dazel from the LAUM UMR CNRS 6613 (LMU, Le Mans, France) and Pr. Peter Göransson from MWL (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden). Thanks to the DENORMS COST Action 15125, I have been a visiting researcher at the University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio, Finland) for a month in 2018.

Most of my research interest is related to poroelastic, architectured and/or meta- materials, numerical methods and data analysis. Apart from physics, I'm also interested in computer and social sciences and more generally interdisciplinary approaches.

I'm an insatiable curious and a passionate tinkerer with a strong attachment to open source and free software. I publish most of my code on Github and my datasets on Zenodo. In 2012, I initiated the creation of a hackerspace in Le Mans: HAUM.

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