The HAUM is a hackerspace in Le Mans that I cofounded in 2012.

A hackerspace is, litteraly, a place for hackers, people wanting to understand the world around them and particularly technology.

A hackerspace (and the HAUM is a good example) can have a lot of different activities, from art projects to tech workshops, machining, software development or analysis, etc.

A hackerspace is not a tech-only place. It must be, before anything else, a place encouraging testing and discovery through action. It is a place to learn team work, tinkering, failure and more generally: life.

My experience in the hackerspace

I started the HAUM with a group of friends when I was 18. Creating an organization requires quite a lot of different skills if you want to do it right and I had, back in the days, to learn everything from scratch. It was a really rewarding experience.

Being one of the co-founder of such a team, that carries today so many values important to me, is a great pride and was a really important part of my own development