Conferences & Talks

Lab seminars

Mixing FEM & Reinforcement Learning for acoustic problems

Extended version of the talk given at Forum Acusticum packed into a lunch seminar at the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. Presenting an approach to use Reinforcement Learning to select the parameters of a Finite Element mesh.

Slides: just ask!

Harnessing techniques to model thin features

A summary of two papers on coupling FEM and Discontinuous Galerkin and coupling of FEM, Transfer Matrices and Bloch waves given at the University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio, Finland) during a research visit in 2018.

Slides: Harnessing techniques to model thin features

Versionning for fun and profit

An introduction to Git given in the LAUM UMR CNRS 6613, Le Mans, France.

More info : Git Seminar (2017)

Coding: Best Practices and Tools

Subtitled Towards painless programming for researchers, this talk was given along with L. Manzari as a lunch seminar of the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory at KTH, Stockholm. The main idea was to give an overview of the different tools and attitudes easing the programming activities of researchers

Slides : Coding: Best Practices and Tools (en)

General/popularisation seminars

De mousse en mousses

Presentation of solid and liquid foams (with help from Camille Gaulon, formerly at Lab MSC in Paris) from an acoustic standpoint. Specially brewed for the "Pint of Acoustics" in 2020 organised by Ramdam.

Slides: De mousse en mousses

Data conf: tour et retour de quelques techniques de machine learning

(French) Overview of some data processing and analysis techniques (vectors, sequences, text, images and audio). Giving in Le Mans Innovation (Le Mans, France) as part of a conference cycle from #IALeMans.

Slides: Data conf

How Twitter reflects sentiments of a population after a crisis ?

In french, under the title Comment Twitter reflète les sentiments d'une population en état de choc ?, this talk was a presentation of the project given in PSES-HSF 2016. The concept, past work, upcoming work and social implications were discussed.

Slides : Comment Twitter reflète les sentiments d'une population en état de choc ? (fr)

Video : From Youtube

Git Workshop

A 3h workshop to demonstrate and introduce newbies to the wonderful world of versionning. Held in 2015 at La Ruche Numérique, Le Mans, France

Slides: Introduction à Git (fr)

Opendays : Opendata

This was a commissionned talk for La Ruche Numérique on the OpenData trend and its application in Le Mans. This is a follow-up to the actions of the HAUM about opendata.

Slides: Opendays Opendata (fr)


One of the main public events held by the HAUM are the HAUMTalks. Those are sessions of 3 to 5 short (less than 20 minutes long) talks, presented by different speakers on any subject.

Talking about what you love is an excellent exercise and the HAUMTalks create a friendly environment for one to do so.

I've held a couple of talks there and here are the titles, summary and sometimes the slides (mostly in French though):

Post-Summer Rsync
After a summer spent working for the Chamber of Commerce of Le Mans and the Sarthe on the creation and development planning of a local fablab, it was time to let everyone know about the state of the project.
#ParisAttacks : a pretext to sentiment analysis on social media

The attacks in Paris on October 13th 2015 had a huge impact on french and european population. The reactions on Twitter were fast and numerous, carrying an instantaneous snapshot of the social feeling. In this talk we discuss the relevance of a computer assisted analysis of the reactions on social media and its potential outcome.

Slides : ParisAttacks (fr) & ParisAttacks (en)

Modeling and errors in science

The notion of model and the underlying concept of error is central in the scientific development but tends not be as well-known as it should. This talks relies of simple a example at the beginning to explain why deriving a model, testing it against reality and publishing errors is important to achieve any analysis, of any system.

Slides : Modèle et Erreurs dans les Sciences (fr)

Hackerspace Sweet HAUM
Discussion philosophique sur le sujet des hackerspaces et du mouvement
Prepare ton talk

Tutorial talk on how to prepare talks... 4 styles in 20 minutes

Slides Prepare ton talk

Acoustique: qu’entends tu par là ?

Popularisation talk about the ear, its anatomy and functions.

Slides: Acoustique: qu’entends tu par là ?